♦  24th. June 2017

We were very pleased indeed that our patron, Celia Imrie, came to our June 24 performance at Riverhouse Arts Centre and for the first (but hopefully not the last!) time saw us in action. Click on each picture for a larger version.

  ♦  30th. March 2017

We are very pleased and proud to announce that the internationally-renowned actress Celia Imrie has agreed to be Quicksilver's Patron.

For more information see this page or click the link on the left.

  ♦  29th. November 2016

We have found a Stage Manager! Anne Methold has joined us as our technical factotum and will be ensuring that we can be both seen and heard. Welcome to the team, Anne!

  ♦  19th. November 2016

Sadly, Andrea has danced what looks like her last dance with us. She has moved down to the West Country, rather too far away to be able to continue with Quicksilver. As a founding member of Quicksilver, she will be sorely missed.

We wish her much luck, send her our love, and hope that she will be able to continue to grace a dance studio somewhere with her elegant style.