Our Dancers

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Angela Hardcastle (Director/Choreographer)

I have been dancing since I was 4 years old – a very long time! After training at the Rambert School of Ballet, I performed briefly, then taught at dance and drama vocational schools, including Guildford School of Acting, which was founded by my mentor, Bice Bellairs. I worked as a choreographer and director of musicals, opera and drama with London based companies, such as English National Opera at the Coliseum , English, Irish and Scottish regional theatres and in Europe. For 17 years, I was also privileged to direct the Surrey County Youth Theatre, mounting plays and musicals. Performing once again, with Quicksilver, and working with this team of friendly, dedicated people is a late and unexpected pleasure.

After all this time, dancing is still a joy and I am still trying to get it right.


Celia Andrews

I trained under Angela many years ago at G.S.A. - then called Bellairs. It has been delightful to be invited to work with her again and "feel my feet" after such a long time. Bringing up a family and running a school of speech and drama, as well as founding a professional theatre company, has taken up most of my energy but there is still some left for the wonders and joys of dance!

I am having enormous fun learning wonderfully-choreographed and varied dances - and am even able to use my comedic and acting ability, thanks to Quicksilver.


Julie Winterman

I started ballet class aged 6 and continued, training with Olga Cooper in Exeter until I was 18. Ever since, I have never been able to resist moving to any music I hear. After a 20 year break in which I completed my research in neuroproteins, worked in pharmaceuticals and produced three children, I decided it was high time to resurrect stiffened joints and muscles and take up the challenge of ballet class again. I've rediscovered my love for dance and now taken another leap of faith and joined Quicksilver.

Dancing the inspiring choreography of the varied Quicksilver routines set to some splendid music is my welcome reward after a hectic week.


Sonia Talman

My training started many moons ago as a child, and later as a student with The Bellairs School of Dance Drama, (now Guildford School of Acting), where I was enormously influenced by Bice Bellairs and Ruth Audsley. At fifteen I was chosen to dance in their professional company The Bellairs Ballet. Following a knee injury while dancing professionally, I created my own school, hectically juggling family needs with teaching, for the next forty years. Also along the way I managed to acquire a P.G.C.E.A. in Dance from Surrey University.

It's such a delight to be able to dance again at this late stage in my life. It really makes me happy. It is a privilege and pleasure to rehearse and perform in such a good atmosphere. Thank you, Quicksilver!


Thoreya Swage (Treasurer)

My love affair with dance began at age 6 and I had a fine teacher in Eileen Langman. In my youth I was asked to audition for the Royal Ballet School but the lure of studying medicine was too great. Dance has always been my constant friend through the ups and downs of my life, children and career. I keep an interest in dance as Chief Examiner for the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in Health and Safety and Lifespan Dance Diploma courses.

I am hugely enjoying dancing with Quicksilver together with fellow enthusiasts.


Ingrid Kottler

I started ballet classes in Cape Town aged 4 years, with Cecily Robinson who had danced in Diaghilev's Company. From that moment I knew I wanted to dance. At 15½ I was accepted into CAPAB Ballet Company as a soloist and then Principal dancer. A few years later I took a year's leave of absence to study in London with Eileen Ward, who was teaching the Royal Ballet Company and the RB Upper School, and kindly gained permission for me to attend Company classes from time to time. This was an amazing gift and experience and I would have given anything to have remained in England, but my South African passport meant that I couldn't obtain a visa or an Equity card. Some years later, having married, returned to London and had 2 children, I began teaching ballet, entering pupils of all ages for examinations, and choreographing ballets. After over 20 years of teaching and life changes, I trained for my current career as a massage therapist and yoga teacher.

And now the pull and love of dance has led me to join Quicksilver. Being a member of the creative, supportive Quicksilver group has allowed me to return to my deep love of dancing and performing.


Pat Berry

I took ballet lessons until the age of 18 with the Misses Maddocks in Bristol. Then after a gap of 20 years in which, at my father's behest, I had a "proper" job I resumed classes, first in Nairobi, with Madam Vera Zerkovich and later, back in England, with Miss Gillian Dawson to train as a Cecchetti teacher. Now retired, I lead "ballet appreciation" groups and continue to dance as a life-enhancing buffer against the vicissitudes of age.

Joining Quicksilver has given me the rewarding opportunity of working with a group of inspiring and supportive fellow dancers.


Alison Cross

I started dancing with Sonia Talman at her dance school many moons ago, and I progressed from there to the Bush Davies School where my professional dance training took place. I graduated with the Solo Seal award from the Royal Academy of Dancing and danced as a soloist in ballet companies in both England and Germany, with guest performances all over Europe and appearances in Film and Television. After suffering a knee injury I turned my attentions to teaching dance, and opened The Cross Dance Studio in Germany, where I taught amateurs and semi professionals of all ages in many dance disciplines. I returned to England in 1999 and now teach Pilates and GYROTONIC at my own studio.

To get back to performing with Quicksilver after so many years away from the stage is both delightful and terrifying! Finding my dancing feet again is a challenge, but one that I am enjoying tremendously.